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Specialized Fisheries Consulting

A spin-off of the University of British Columbia’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, Blue Matter Science Ltd. is a specialized consulting firm producing cutting-edge quantitative solutions to hard ocean science problems.

Our core areas of expertise are the implementation of Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) frameworks, the design of management procedures (Harvest strategies), the evaluation of data-limited fisheries, and the development and review of stock assessment models

Blue Matter also has extensive experience in the statistical analysis of environmental data, the presentation of scientific results and the development of bespoke population dynamics models.

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Our Services

Cutting-edge quantitative solutions to hard ocean science problems

Management Strategy Evaluation

Conditioning of operating models, developing canadidate management procedures and curation of MSE processes.

Fisheries Stock Assessment

Specifying fisheries dynamics models, deriving population parameters and fitting models to a wide range of fishery data types.

Population Dynamics Models

Our experience includes innovative new models for unique fisheries including complex spatial modelling, seasonal dynamics and novel mark-recapture analyses.

Data-Limited Fishery Management

The developers of the Data Limited Methods toolkit (DLMtool) and the Methods Evaluation and Risk Assessment (MERA) platform, we have extensive experience designing and testings management procedures for data-limited and data-moderate fisheries.

Problem solving with Template Model Builder (TMB) and Automatic Differentiation Model Builder (ADMB)

We have extensive experience in fast and flexible estimation frameworks using these to fit fishery models, optimize management plans and find complex spatial solutions to multispecies management problems.

R Shiny Apps

A complex as analyses can be, it is often important that these are accessible to a wider, non-technical audience. We have developed user-friendly R Shiny Apps for a wide range of software including MERA ( and the MSE frameworks for Atlantic swordfish and bluefin tuna.

Advanced R statistical analysis, graphing and presentation

Production of state-of-the-art automated and interactive html documents using the latest R libraries.

Technical review of fishery assessment and MSE processes

With over 15 years of experience in the peer-review of stock assessments we can provide in-depth review of data and modelling used to characterize fisheries.

Machine learning and the development and training of artificial neural networks

For unstructured regression problems and time series analysis we can offer contemporary machine learning solutions using the Tensorflow and Keras libraries for the training of ANNs including recursive and convoluted NNs.

Training in quantitative fisheries science

From an academic background, we have been teaching fishery concepts and analysis for more than 15 years including data-limited fishery methodologies, meta-analystic approaches, Bayesian statistical analysis, fishery population dynamics modelling and mark-recapture analysis.

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Our Team

Tom Carruthers

Since completing his PhD at Imperial College London, Tom has more than 15 years of experience in the design and peer-review of fishery dynamics models and MSE frameworks. More recently he has developed indicators of changing fisheries, AI fishery managers and fishery management plans for multispecies fisheries.

Adrian Hordyk

Adrian is the lead developer of the Data-Limited Methods toolkit (DLMtool) and has extensive experience implementing MSE frameworks for species in the full spectrum of data-poor to data-rich. He is an expert in length-based assessment approaches and more recently took the lead technical role in the development of managements plans for six near shore stocks in California.

Quang Huynh

Quang is the lead developer of the Management Strategy Evaluation toolkit (MSEtool) an open source R package for doing state of the art MSE for data-rich stocks. He is currently developing MSE frameworks for Atlantic herring in the Bay of Fundy and Strait of Georgia yelloweye rock fish.

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